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New London life for an old idea: floating baths

Paul Heymont ·
Recreation advocates have launched a well-publicized Kickstarter campaign to help fund construction of a floating freshwater swimming pool in the Thames, just off the Embankment.   The project, called Thames Baths, whose full cost is estimated at...
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August 30, 2017: Sutro Baths, San Francisco

Jonathan L ·
Revisiting one of San Francisco's lost landmarks in Golden Gate Park with Jonathan L
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Berkeley Springs, West Virginia

George G. ·
George G visits the historic spa town of Berkeley Springs and shares its history and some of its interesting sites.

Shorty and the Skunk

DrFumblefinger ·
  A friend shared these photos of her dog, standing in a pool of red.  At first I thought her dog, Shorty, might be bleeding, perhaps badly cut or something.  Turns out, this unhappy creature had just had a close encounter of the third...

Five Things To Do At Chiang Mai, Thailand

anshu_travel ·
Chiang Mai is located in the Northern area of Thailand capital city, Bangkok. It takes 1-hour journey by plane from Bangkok to Chiang Mai or about 8 hours by bus. The government intentionally prepares Chiang Mai for tourism purpose. The city is well arranged, and it has some artificial rivers. Many trees are planted along the road. Chiang Mai certainly has many interesting tourism objects to visit such as elephant training camp, orchid park, Thai silk, waterfalls and many more. Elephant Camp...

Re: Pagosa Springs Resort and Spa - My Embarrassing Story

GarryRF ·
Nudity is something you soon get used to in Europe. Anywhere there's changing rooms or at the seaside it's a common occurrence. After 2 days you don't notice anymore. I feel your pain on the fall you had. Always embarrassing. I swam out from the beach on an inflatable bed. I caught a wave and returned to the beach at speed - lying face down. I hit sharp rocks on the beach and my inflatable turned to shreds. I was laying face down in 3 inches of water - struggling to turn over and get my...
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Pagosa Springs Resort and Spa - My Embarrassing Story

Samantha ·
Samantha visits a Colorado spa where she had a great time except for one little incident...