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Pagosa Springs Resort and Spa - My Embarrassing Story


For our anniversary in May 2017 we were able to finally spend a few days down in Pagosa Springs, CO.  We drove through the area when we went to Mesa Verde, but we didn't have time to stop.  I remember being disappointed because this cute little city begged to be explored. lol  I am happy to say, we finally made it! While we were there we took an afternoon to spend some time at the Pagosa Springs Resort and Spa.  It was absolutely wonderful, up until the very end. I will explain in a few, but let me share our amazing visit up to that point.


I had always wanted to check out some mineral springs but never had the opportunity. At the Pagosa Springs Resort and Spa we were able to enjoy 18 hot spring tubs with varying temperatures that range from 83-114 degrees. As it turned out the average temperature of the tubs was 98 degrees and anything else seemed too cool after that, lol.


According to their site, the Relaxation Terrace offers 5 pools that are a more quiet retreat for adults only (18 and older.) For an additional fee, weekly, monthly and annual pass holders can get away from the hustle and bustle of our public, all ages pools and relax in our adult-only quiet area for relaxation and meditation.  This unique area offers 5 pools, a waterfall, a Roman shower, jetted tub, and a river overlook. We didn’t take advantage of the pools, but I have to say the views of the San Juan River from where we were were pretty awesome!


Ok, now for my embarrassing story.  Gene and I separated to the locker rooms to shower and change before heading out to dinner. After finishing with my shower,  and heading back to my locker, I tripped over a small step. It's there to keep water in the shower area (same color and tile as the shower) but I didn't remember it. Thus I went falling and sliding across the floor, completely naked.  I had been drying a little with my towel as I stepped out, and had it in my hand, but it wasn’t wrapped around me, and it happened rather quickly.


Not only was I embarrassed, but I was also physically hurt. When I fell I scraped my knee, my arm, my elbow, plus I hit so hard that it knocked the wind out of me. . There were 3 or 4 young girls in the area, and they offered to help, but I was afraid to move (as well as embarrassed).  Eventually I got the towel in front of me and tried to get up, but since the towel wasn’t around me, I'm sure I gave the whole room a great laugh with my butt sticking up the air. Lol


At that point I was hurt, trying not to cry from pain and embarrassment, and just wanted to get the heck out of there. Of course, since I was hurting and bleeding I had to clean myself up first. Then it took forever to get dressed because everything hurt. After that, dinner consisted of beer and pizza in our hotel room near their resort. I was not in the mood to be in public again for a few hours, lol.


Well there you go. It happened, I survived (barely, lol) and now I live to tell. Other than the ending, we had a great time at the spa, and I would love to visit again. I did tell the employees at the front desk about what happened. They really should do something to make that little step more noticeable. I do remember seeing it as I got into the shower because it is different than the locker room floor, but is the same from inside the shower and not quite as noticeable getting out.  Just a suggestion that they should do something so someone else doesn’t get more seriously hurt one day. Again, other than that we had a great time.


The Pagosa Spring Resort and Spa looks amazing. Maybe next time we will stay in their resort and check it out.  Complimentary soaking, upgraded towels, and plush robes are offered to hotel guests. However, the best perk has to be the 24-hour access to the mineral hot springs. You also have access to the 5 exclusive Adults only pools on their Relaxation Terrace. Maybe one day  

Here is a link to their website with prices, hours, address, phone, etc. It is definitely a beautiful place to visit, even if you only take advantage of the soaking tubs. One world of advice, everything you wear into the tubs will smell like sulfur. We have washed some of our stuff several times since our visit, and there is sill a faint small. Just wanted to let you know, before you go.


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Nudity is something you soon get used to in Europe.

Anywhere there's changing rooms or at the seaside it's a common occurrence.

After 2 days you don't notice anymore.

I feel your pain on the fall you had. Always embarrassing.

I swam out from the beach on an inflatable bed.  I  caught a wave and returned to the beach at speed - lying face down.

I hit sharp rocks on the beach and my inflatable turned to shreds.

I was laying face down in 3 inches of water - struggling to turn over and get my breath simultaneously.

3 young lads catching fish in water pools left in the rocks ran over to me. Poked me with a stick " Eh Mister ! Are you dead ? "


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