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Chiang Mai is located in the Northern area of Thailand capital city, Bangkok. It takes 1-hour journey by plane from Bangkok to Chiang Mai or about 8 hours by bus. The government intentionally prepares Chiang Mai for tourism purpose. The city is well arranged, and it has some artificial rivers. Many trees are planted along the road.

Chiang Mai certainly has many interesting tourism objects to visit such as elephant training camp, orchid park, Thai silk, waterfalls and many more.

Elephant Camp

The location is far from the city center; however, elephant camp is very attractive place to visit. Visitors can see elephant attractions and feeding the elephants. To feed the elephant, visitors must pay about 10 Bath. After feeding , the elephants will be bathed by the trainer in the river. Besides feeding and watching the elephant attractions, you can spend about 150 Bath to ride the elephant that is called Road to the Jungle.

Orchid Garden Chiang Mai

The garden has many kinds of beautiful orchids. Some beautiful girls are ready to welcome you by pinning an orchid on your cloth.

Waterfalls at Chiang Mai

Another beautiful place to visit is Chiang Mai is waterfalls that located in north of Chiang Mai mountains. Visitors surely will admire at ten levels of waterfalls from the mountain.

Bhubing Palace

Take a taxi and heading to Bhubing Palace at the top of the mountain. The palace has a flower garden that lovely arranged surround the palace. You will find nine small artistic palaces. Besides, you will find a big water reservoir that used for the palace water supply.

Other activities in Chiang Mai are visiting the Thai Silk and silver handicraft. You will know the process of silk making from zero to ready silk fabric. Undoubtedly, you can purchase some silk materials in good quality here. At night, you can visit the Chiang Mai night market located in the city center. You can ride public transportation could take to reach the place. At the market, and like another market, you can find many items such as clothing, handicraft, shoes, bags, souvenirs and much more. The sellers’ price is not fixed. All the prices at the night market can be bargained.

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