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Have your World Heritage and eat it, too!


Italy has submitted papers to have Neapolitan pizza recognized on UNESCO's Intangible Cultural Heritage list because it "represents Italy in the world."

It will still have to be accepted by a UNESCO screening committee and accepted in a long process...but who could deny a beautiful Margherita pizza its place? At least that's what Italy is hoping. A decision will come in 2017.

UNESCO says the list "is composed of intangible heritage elements that concerned communities and states parties consider require urgent measures to keep them alive." That sure sounds like good pizza!

The application specifies that the Neapolitan pizza was invented between 1715 and 1725, and should have a crust no more than 3 millimetres thick, and be cooked in a stone oven with an oak-wood fire. The Margherita version, base of most popular variations, is the one with basil, mozzarella and tomatoes.


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