The entrance to this hiking destination is not a secret. There is a turn out on California's coastal HWY 1 about 20 miles from The Tides in Bodega Bay, just before Fort Ross.

The secret is, that the trail doesn't have to end.

It ends after about 5 minutes of following it, but if you are careful, cunning and willing to climb, squeeze crawl and get wet, then you can hike up the creek for at least two hours, then follow it back down to where it leads to the ocean.

This was one of the most magical hikes through the redwoods that I have ever been on. Complete with trees growing out of trees, mushrooms that seemed to glow white against their back drop, waterfalls and hollowed out fallen tree trunks that the creek made its path through.

There was so much to see, experience and photograph that I could barely contain my amazement.

Glowing Mushrooms

Mini Waterfall

The "Trail"

A Wild Trillium

Trees growing out of a tree

Wild Flowers

The only path to follow

No footsteps but the ones we left



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It is a beautiful place and I think you've got it right.


Like you, I love to explore.  Take my time, soak it all in, and capture what I can with my camera.


Thanks for sharing this!  And welcome to TravelGumbo!

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