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Re: Is Porto worth the trip?

PHeymont ·
Much as I loved my time in's NOT a day trip. Much too much to do there, including evening stroll along the Douro, port-wine tasting across the river in Vila Nova de Gaia and more. I'd say take the advice above and save Porto for another trip. Of the recommended day trips above, I'd vote for Sintra. It's an easy trip--trains run about every 30 minutes, more frequently in rush hours, The town itself is interesting, the Moorish Castle up on the mountain and the Pena Palace above that...

Re: Welcome to The Golden State.

PortMoresby ·
Currently estimated at 32,00 acres in size, the Butte Fire is now burning 1 mile from Mokelumne Hill. While I have no doubt the tiny town will be saved, your best view of it at the moment may be here , on TravelGumbo. More details on the CalFire site.

Re: Tough Trains

PortMoresby ·
I've only been on one of those they list, but as we so often do, I disagree with some of their choices. For instance in India, some of the best rides are the mountain trains to Hill Stations, like the famous toy trains to Shimla and to Darjeeling, both of which I've ridden, the Shimla route twice. I'd also include Delhi to Jaisalmer in Rajasthan, rather than to Mumbai. Ah well, in any case, so many trains, so little time.

Re: Help with Provence Itinerary

artsnletters ·
Nearest St-Remy: - Don't miss Les Baux . The village is touristy but the castle complex on top is fantastic and the views are to die for - you don't need to be a fan of scenery to appreciate them. - Roman ruins of Glanum , walking distance from St-Remy - Arles for more Roman ruins (but I think you've been already?) Farther away: - Day-trip to the Luberon for unmatched scenery and charming little villages full of vernacular architecture - what people build themselves, without an architect.


indianeagle ·
Tired of traversing through the same old tourist trails? Tired of the insane crowds thronging every other tourist attraction in the country? Then maybe it’s time you considered visiting some of the most offbeat yet amazing places in India. This is one of the best ways to enjoy a trip to India as frankly, even the most scenic places in the country lose their charm when massive crowds throng them. Mercifully, India is a vast land that is blessed with plenty of awesome offbeat places as well...

Tips For A Perfect Summer season Tour

Humboldt Tours Berlin ·
Summertime’s have struck one of the most of the plain areas with the intense warm days; every passing day is getting hotter. The heat is making is harder for everybody to head out specifically in day time. Summer season breaks in the schools all across the country are almost to start, that makes it an ideal time for the family trip to go for Berlin Wall Tour . This is the time when kids are already set for a daring summertime vacation and they anticipate you to plan a trip to some hill...

The Best 7 Healthy Foodie Lunches in London

John Peter ·
While there are many healthy options in the form of coffee shops and restaurants in London, few are mouthwatering. Healthy eating does not need to be boring, especially when you are paying to have it made for you! Here is a hit list of restaurants that are serving healthy food which doesn’t negate your morning workout. 1. Ottolenghi – Notting Hill, Belgravia, Islington, Spitalfields Mouthwatering Middle Eastern food My husband is Israeli and as a result, we have long been paying homage to...

Edinburgh, Scotland for 2.5!

chickpea ·
Hi- we will be travelling to Scotland the end of September and I am trying to get my itinerary together for Edinburgh. We will only have 2.5 days here and I want to make the most of it. We are staying near the Waverly Train Station so I think we are close to a lot of the major sites. I need one thing Sunday afternoon when we get there before we get ready for dinner. Can anyone help? I was planning Monday and Tuesday being our "pound the pavement" days but not so much that we are overwhelmed.

Unmissable Sights in Budapest

NikOl-Bp ·
We often travel to other countries, other cities, but not always for sightseeing. Conference, meeting, maybe for some service. These trips sometimes takes several days, but we can also decide to connect the pleasant to the useful and look around the city. Here is a brief introduction for those, whose destination is Budapest. What is a must see, from the Hungarian capital. I recommend this article, which contains more than 100 sights, for those who want to spend more days in Budapest, or want...

Experience bliss at these nature-blessed destinations in Kerala

Rekha Bisht ·
Kerala is titled ‘God’s Own Country’ and that is not without reason. Blessed by nature in every form, it is truly one of the known paradise on Earth. Imagine lush greenery, endless blues, golden beaches, roaring waterfalls, navigable network of waters, wildlife inhabited jungles and bliss of every kind. When the Gods themselves have favoured this land, then it is not quite easy to make a list of the most beautiful places in Kerala, as every corner of the state is blessed in its own way. Here...

5 Most Visited Indian Destinations by Foreigners

Trainman ·
India, the name itself, translates power into one’s system. With its incredible mix of cultures, the country has been attracting a huge number of travellers and tourists from around the world. From the massive stretches of golden sand, the snow-clad mountains to the serene water bodies and the lively streets, India is a land of wonders. Every year, foreigners come to get mesmerized by its picturesque natural beauty and rich cultural heritage. And, there are several places in India that just...

5 Things You Must Try While In Barcelona

Kaitlyn Angles ·
It's absolutely easy to fall in love with Barcelona after seeing its incredibly beautiful sun-kissed beaches, unforgettable hospitality, and incomparable culture. Barcelona is the city that attracts all kind of tourists. The city has different kind of wines that one can enjoy on a wet beach while enjoying sunsets and sunrises, they have some lost lanes that cane be explored, and masterpiece paintings that can be seen. In this city, you can find the Roman ruins, some modern homes, extremely...

Head to these 10 incredible beaches in Goa for your holiday

Narendra Kumar ·
Goa has always attracted tourists for its numerous beaches. With a fabulous coastline stretching along the Arabian Sea, these lovely strips of sand play host to vigorous partying the year round. The Cabana beds laid out on the beach, with the beach umbrellas over them, is an alluring sight. Both North and South Goa have their fair share of beaches that offer something unique to offer to the visitors. While some of them are lined with food shacks that are eagerly looked forward to after a...

10 Reasons Why a Winter Holiday in India will be a Trip of a Lifetime

Akansha ·
Holidays in India are always magical and winters make it all the more special. The tropical country enjoys winters to its fullest. The mountains receive powdery snow while the beaches are balmy spots of bliss, the plains are cloaked in fog and every corner is seen rejoicing the season. A winter holiday in India is one of the best experiences one can have. Indulge in skiing, beach fun, water sports, relaxing, houseboat cruise on backwaters, festivals, wildlife adventure and other amazements,...

Most Popular Churches In Goa

Sunil Kumar ·
What is Goa most popular for? Its beaches of course. Those lovely stretches of sand that are great for spending a day in complete relaxation or enjoying various water sports in Goa. However, what most tourists forget is that Goa has a lot to offer besides its beaches, like its forts, spice plantations, casinos, and such other stuff that make for a memorable vacation. Goa is also home to a number of churches, some of which are UNESCO World Heritage Sites and are repositories of heritage and...

Hiking to Sol Duc Falls in Olympic National Park ·
Olympic National Park is home to several short hikes with magnificent payoffs. The 1.6-mile trek to-and-from Sol Duc Falls is near the top of Olympic NP's long list of great trails. The hike is well-marked, has minimal elevation gain, is rated as "easy," and the payoff at Sol Duc Falls is an epic stunner. It is best used between May and September. If you're traveling to Olympic NP, you should not pass up this hike. For additional information on visiting Olympic NP, visit the trip itinerary...

5 Top Destinations for Rainy Season in India

Bob Hanery ·
If there is any season that brings in romance and happiness in the air, then rainy season is one of them. If you love to holiday in this season, then India is a place to be. Lot of people from abroad, travel to India between June and August every year. This is because India is known and famous for the rainy season. Imagine, mountains in the view, your cottage well located with hot coffee in hand and rain outside – isn’t it a worthwhile view to watch? If you do not mind getting a little wet...

Most Amazing Beaches That Should Be on Your Travel Bucket List

MorganRose ·
If you are the one who loves travelling the world and scratching places to visit off your bucket list, then you must not forget about the beaches. Sure, cities are filled with culture and history , but beaches have a lot more to offer. They also have their own culture and history, but they also bring that tranquillity and stress-free life you probably need. So, if you’d like to visit some beaches during your lifetime, these few should certainly be on your bucket list. Anse Source D’Argent,...

Italy itinarary

Jaydip ·
I went on a solo trip to Italy and Rome last month. I am sharing my Italy Itinerary to guide first-time visitors to Europe. Make your backpack with this Backpacking Europe Packing List One thing that was common in every place was beautiful churches and Frescos there. In Italy, they always believed in the balance so if a church is beautiful from outside, it's going to be very simple inside and vice versa. 1. Rome - For Rome trip, I think 3 to 4 is enough to make your trip plan . If possible...

Top 10 Tourist Places In Kerala To Visit During Summer

Rahul ·
Kerala is an exhilarating destination in India known as gods own country . It is a place of the rich heritage that exudes variety and is considered one of the most beautiful places on earth. No matter the time or season, Kerala is always a perfect fit for vacation. While the whole of India receives blazing heat during the summers Kerala has a mild temperature due to the influence of the Western Ghats and the beaches. Some of the exotic locations of Kerala to visit during summer are given...

Sydney to Brisbane Road Trip

Liam Smith ·
Few people would argue that Australia is one of the best possible destinations out there for any traveler: it has both interesting cityscapes and natural sceneries of a lifetime. And if you like the freedom of stopping whenever and wherever you wish to in order to marvel at the beautiful view, perhaps a road trip is right up your alley. One of the most popular roads for such a trip in Australia is the one taking you from Sydney to Brisbane: the Legendary Pacific Coast. This road stretching...

Yesterday & Today in France.

PortMoresby ·
Jeff Steiner, an American living in France, has a monthly newsletter in which, from time to time, he has a photo feature called Yesterday & Today in which old photos are merged with new ones of the same place and vantage point to create what to me feels a bit like time travel. I don't find one link to them so I'll give you the individual links. I especially like the first one with a group coming up a hill. They seem to be emerging from the past and looking directly at...

Early Riser - The Perfect Sunrise Guide in Jaipur

Anjali Dixit ·
India is a land of early risers. No matter which part of the country you visit you will find incredible beauty in the morning experiences. From the melodious temple suprabhatam and household rangolis of the southern states to a dip in the Ganges in Hardwar and Rishikesh; from the bustling fish markets of Konkan coast to the languidly awakening markets in central India; from the floral market on the Dal Lake to the sounding of the sacred azaan in western UP; from the start of agricultural...

The Best Things To Do In Boston

Olive Smith ·
Boston is one of the oldest city in the United States of America. The city has been part of countless events in history and it is also considered the cultural capital of the surrounding New England. If you are making a trip to the Boston then the city has a lot to offer to cater to your curiosity. You just have to find a good taxi service in Boston MA and you can start having a wonderful experience at each destination. From museums to sightseeing, a tourist has plenty of places to explore in...

Winter is coming - best places for snowbirds

Emily Wilson ·
Snowboarding, being one of the most exciting sports there is, enjoys the ever-growing popularity all over the world. Every year, more and more people are getting to know the perks of this unique sport and once they have tasted it, they are enchanted by it for good. Why snowboarding, of all sports? Even though skiing is an older sport than snowboarding with a long tradition, it looks like snowboarding has gained even bigger popularity in the recent years, mostly because there are some...

Top 5 Family Holiday Destinations in India

Ruby Daub ·
Choosing the best destination for a family vacation in India, as with other topics, is not an easy task, thanks to the diversity and multitude of options available to the most demanding travelers. There are beaches, wonderful examples of architecture, adventure, culture and fun experiences for a full sense of family in India. Best holiday destinations for families Plan your trip, considering the weather and other conditions. We make sure you have a great time! See this if you travel in...

5 Fantastic Places to Visit in Jodhpur

Abhishek Mathur ·
Jodhpur is that the second largest town in Rajasthan and wide referred to as the ‘blue city’. Holding faithful its name, abundant of the infrastructure within the town is painted in reminder blue, and its origins originate to the Rathore kindred of the 1400s. If you’re in would like of a listing for places to go to in Jodhpur, look no any. This list is probably going to hide a number of the most effective traveler places to visit in Jodhpur. the town is home to Associate in Nursing exquisite...

What To See In Jodhpur And Its Surroundings?

Alina Jack ·
The arrival to Jodhpur during a trip to Rajasthan is always spectacular. The Mehrangarh fort is very majestic and imposing, seems to watch over the city since always. At the base of this architectural masterpiece comes the old city repainted in an intense blue color, that of the Brahman caste. The heart of the old town is a chaotic labyrinth of medieval streets where it is good to get lost. Jodhpur is the second largest city of Rajasthan, will dazzle you. Read here about what to see in...

A Trip to Manali

Vikas Bhatnagar ·
Manali is the most renowned hill station of India as it is blessed with natural beauty, dense pine forests, and picturesque hills. Local and foreign tourists go to Manali all throughout the year to gaze its beautiful landscape and tourist places to enjoy the adventure activities. Now everything is online, we always book the Manali holiday packages from numerous websites like Irctc, MakeMyTrip, and more. Above on that, deals like Irctc coupons make us save a decent amount of money on our trip...

5 Adventure Sports In Kashmir For The Daring Souls

MaanvirJ ·
Kashmir is a dreamland for every nature lover, thrillseeker, and solitude lover, who has been lusting for breathtaking panorama, adrenaline-pumping sports, and relaxation. This royal city of nawab is home to magnificent peaks, lush green meadows, cascading water streams, and much more. Besides the enchanting landscape and magnificent viewpoints, Kashmir offers an array of fun-loving sports for tourists of all kinds. Whether you are a solo traveler, a millennial, or have come on romantic...