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Jeff Steiner, an American living in France, has a monthly newsletter in which, from time to time, he has a photo feature called Yesterday & Today in which old photos are merged with new ones of the same place and vantage point to create what to me feels a bit like time travel.  I don't find one link to them so I'll give you the individual links.  I especially like the first one with a group coming up a hill.  They seem to be emerging from the past and looking directly at us in the present:









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Thanks for those links! truly fascinating.


My two favorites are the second, from 1907, which clearly shows a place with almost no change (as opposed to the next where the buildings have remained but so much has not, and the 1911 road scene which at first glance shows little change; a closer look at the combination shows significant re-grading of the road level in the meantime!

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