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Bosphorus Cruises in February (Turkey)

PHeymont ·
I'm preparing for a mid-February week in Istanbul, and would like to include a Bosphorus cruise, specifically one of the more-or-less all-day ones that goes up to the Black Sea, has a lunch break at a small port on the Black Sea, and then returns....

Most Popular River Cruises in India

Sunil Kumar ·
A river cruise provides an escape from the constant commotion surrounding our everyday lives. As you sail along the river at a leisurely pace, with lovely sights greeting your eyes, you realize there is much to appreciate in this unhurried journey. India, with its impressive inland waterways, provides wonderful opportunities for river cruising. From the backwaters of Kerala to the might waters of Brahmaputra, every cruise gifts you with a memory to be cherished or a moment to be valued.

Concerns about the rising number of cruise visitors to the Arctic

Louder ·
Cruise lines sell the chance to see Arctic wildlife and claim they can do so without causing harm. However, many Inuit and other indigenous people who have inhabited the Arctic for millennia are deeply worried. Tourists buy souvenirs and bring income but also a growing threat of sewage and heavy fuel oil pollution as well as the disturbance and destruction of wildlife, such as ships striking whales in narrow channels. Shrinking sea ice is allowing larger cruise ships to venture farther into...

Unusual Travel Getaways For All Seasons!

StephanieMTM ·
It’s becoming increasingly popular for Aussies to check out Thredbo, a resort that is: open year-round for skiing or snowboarding in winter, mountain biking , hiking, fishing, or just relaxing in the summer season. Still, tourists will come through for more unusual Christmas festivities, since this generally isn’t the rule. By the same token, many Aussies look to experience a white Christmas in other parts of the world, as the literature paints it. There are adventures to be had in the...

Cruising with cargo

Barry Barford ·
Looking forward to cruising again but worried that it may not be the same after COVID? Perhaps too many health checks and rules for it to be the relaxing and fun-filled experience it used to be. Or maybe you just don’t want to mix with 3,000 other passengers any more. For a completely different experience have you ever considered cruising on a cargo ship? Of course cargo ships still have to make sure they stay healthy, but as there will likely be no more than 12 passengers on your cargo ship...

Re: Cruising with cargo

PortMoresby ·
Something to keep in mind, a variety of factors can conspire to keep passengers on the ship at ports. Having sailed on CMA CGM from Singapore to Malta, for a variety of reasons we were never allowed off the ship. Travelers should definitely check specifics before booking if it's important to them.