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A river cruise provides an escape from the constant commotion surrounding our everyday lives. As you sail along the river at a leisurely pace, with lovely sights greeting your eyes, you realize there is much to appreciate in this unhurried journey.
India, with its impressive inland waterways, provides wonderful opportunities for river cruising. From the backwaters of Kerala to the might waters of Brahmaputra, every cruise gifts you with a memory to be cherished or a moment to be valued. There are many ways of exploring the beauty of a place, and this is one of the best ways of doing so. In this blog, we bring you the most popular river cruises in India that gift you with a unique experience.

Kerala Backwater Cruise

Kerala, among many things, is also famous for its charming backwater cruises. Cruising through the famous backwaters of the state brings you face to face with the enchanting beauty that the state is famous for. All along the way, you are treated to views of quaint villages, paddy fields and small islands. Some of the best backwater destinations in Kerala are Alleppey, Kumarakom, Kuttanad and Kasargod, besides others.

• Sundarbans Cruise

Sundarbans, the largest mangrove forest in the world and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, holds enough surprises and sightseeing opportunities to make it a popular cruise destination. Cruising through the small creeks along the mangrove forests is a memorable experience as you witness the interesting flora and fauna of the region.

• Goa Cruise Destination

A cruise in Goa can be a wonderful experience. Cruising through the River Mandovi let you witness the wonderful sights and absorb the surreal beauty of the region. The most popular cruise here is the Santa Monica Cruise. A boat sail down the river is marked by folk dances and songs. It takes you past the Panjim riverfront to Miramar and lets you witness an incredible sunset. You are also treated to views of the Mormugao Port and the Fort Aguada.

• The Andaman Islands Cruise

The Andaman Island Cruise brings before you the exquisite beauty that these islands are famous for. The various wonders of marine life are best explored through a cruise. As the ship floats on the calm waters of the Bay of Bengal, one is treated to gorgeous views of the beaches, outline of forest covers in the distance and the azure sky above you.

Dibru – Saikhowa River Cruise

Assam is home to a wonderful variety of flora and fauna, and taking a ride on the Dibru-Saikhowa cruise is the best way of exploring them. The entire journey is going to leave you speechless as you come across a variety of rare and exotic species of animals and birds surrounding you. The magnificent hills and the azure waters provide immense opportunities for wonderful sightseeing,

• Mandovi River Cruise

Goa is more than just its beaches, and taking a cruise on a river is one of them. Enjoy a cruise on the Mandovi River with Goa tour packages and have one of the most enjoyable experience of a lifetime. The Zuari bay, which lies on the route from Mandovi, sets the perfect environment for enjoying a carnival, enjoying some beer and enjoying sumptuous food.

• Ganges Heritage Cruise

The Ganges Heritage Cruise, which lasts for almost six days, allows you to witness the outstanding beauty while getting acquainted with the history and heritage associated with the River Ganges. The cruise takes you past the Munger Fort, the ancient town of Bhagalpur and other attractions along the river.

• Brahmaputra River Cruise

What does a river cruise on the might river Brahmaputra have in store for you? A luxury cruise along the Brahmaputra River offers you the chance of discovering the beautiful countryside, the quaint villages, amazing wildlife and the famous Indian Dolphins. Enjoy every moment of the ride as the jetty takes you through one of the mightiest rivers in India.

• Mangalore Cruise

Mangalore, the chief port city of the Indian state of Karnataka, is home to several wonderful destinations. Taking a cruise allows you to see the city’s historical progress, along with its fascinating history. The cruise lets you visit several monuments while spending a day at the Panambur Beach.

• Chilika Lake Cruise

Have you ever wanted to take a cruise that allows you to experience the wildlife at leisure – listening to the bird’s harmonious melodies or watching the playful fish splashing about in the water. The sights surrounding you are also as enchanting as ever. However, make a stop at Rajahamsa Beach, and you can watch a rare species of dolphins as they engage in fun and frolic in the waters.


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