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Ryanair boss: We'll crush German competitors


Michael O'Leary, the often-blunt and sometimes hyperbolic CEO of Ryanair recently boasted to a German newspaper that he expects his airline to put Eurowings (a Lufthansa subsidiary) and Air Berlin out of business within 2 to 3 years.

In an interview with Die Zeit, he said that Ryanair expects to continue growing in the German market, and that it's making money while the other two are operating at losses. Ryanair is adding Munich to its destinations, and aims at holding about 20% of the German market by 2020. At present, it has 5%.

Germany is not the only target of the strategy; O'Leary has recently speculated in British papers that he could cut fares to zero if people continue willing to pay fees and food. The line's prices have dropped up to 12% lately in an attempt to gain share from other low-cost airlines, including Easyjet.

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Most of Mr O'Leary's predictions are just attention seeking and looking for free advertising.  If you look on you tube you'll see a list of his comedy acts and predictions for Ryanair from the past years. A very successful man with an Irish sense of humour.

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