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Frommers Color Complete Guides: A New Debut

Frommers' "Color Complete" France Guidebook 2015 is a great guidebook and a marked change from most of the later Wiley Frommer's Guides. The big differences I noticed are that the info is current and there are a lot of budget options. I received the free advanced review copies of France and Italy , but even if I didn't , I think the books are well worth the retail price. The France guidebook is  $22.95,  and comes out this month. It's 540 pages.


Stained glass windows at Saint-Chapelle, Paris


Several authors contributed to this guidebook, and combined they know the different regions of France very well. I re-read the Paris chapter and Marseille section of the Provence chapter because I went there last year, and I was curious if I'd find things that would have been useful to me. And I really did. I'm anxious to use this book on my next trip to France.


Frommers doesn't try to list a lot of places to stay and restaurants, just ones the authors recommend.  It does list different price ranges most of the time .The first three chapters, "The Best of France," "France in Context," and "Suggested Itineraries" are good to read before your trip, as they will help you decide on itineraries and sights and give you a  nice background about France.


Le Maison Rose Cafe, Paris

abbaye royale de fontevraud

The rest of the book has a lot of good info for before and during your trip that's concise and easily found. It has useful sections like 'Fast Facts' throughout the book, with information about banking, doctors, internet access, embassies, mail, pharmacies and safety.There's a map of France at the back and a Paris Metro map on the inside back cover. The chapter "Planning Your Trip & Useful Phrases " I've already used a lot, because it has a pronunciation section for French phrases.


French village, window

The only small minus for me was the "Getting There" section and the transportation choices in the "Essentials" Section; the book could include some more budget transportation options

Inverted pyramid, Louvre, Paris


I whole-heartedly recommend this guidebook and hope we all support quality guidebooks and passionate travelers. To see why these books are so important and what a monumental achievement it is to have these out, see "Why the Return of Frommers Guidebooks is a Big Deal" in Gumbo's World.



Images (5)
  • Stained glass windows at Saint-Chapelle, Paris
  • Inverted pyramid, Louvre, Paris
  • Le Maison Rose Cafe, Paris
  • abbaye royale de fontevraud
  • French village, window

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PortMoresby and Vivie- Thanks for the kind words.  I am really excited that these books are out and really good.


 Garry, I haven't read Frommers England yet .I read the new France and Spain Guides and I liked them so I'm hopeful about England. Frommers is incuding different price ranges now and from what I've seen ,it's a lot more budget choices too



If you want a thing done, ask a busy man.

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