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June 12, 2019: Little Man Ice Cream, Denver, Colorado


Have you ever heard of Little Man Ice Cream? I hadn’t until I moved to Colorado and saw the huge twenty-eight foot tall, 14,000 lb. cream can on their roof. You can’t miss it, lol. My nephew and I visited recently and saw it many times as we were driving around looking or parking. Heads up, there is not a lot of parking and it is all metered.

Anyway, we made it and got it line to place our order. The line wasn’t very long, but we got a chance to check out the menu while we waited.  Besides the regular Cups and Cones Little Man serves: sundaes, splits, malts, shakes, floats, as well as hand-made waffle cones.

Little Man 1Choosing what to get is bad enough, but then you have to choose the type of ice cream. Here are their flavors:

Vanilla Bean
16th St. Chocolate
Banana Pudding
Chunky Chocolate Peanut Butter

Cookie Dough
Espresso Fudge
French Toast
Mexican Chocolate 
Mint Chocolate Chip 
Oatmeal Cookie

Purple Cow
Raspberry Love
Salted Caramel PB Cup
Salted Maple Pecan
Salted Oreo
Space Junkie

While eating our ice cream I did a little research and learned a little bit about Little Man Ice Cream. First it’s named after founder Paul Tamburello’s father Peter Tamburello (nicknamed Little Man). I thought that was really nice.

Little Man - JesseWhat impressed me about Little Man Ice Cream is that for every scoop of ice cream purchased, Little Man matches that scoop with a donated scoop of rice, beans, or other essentials to a community in need anywhere around the world. Apparently they have delivered to communities in 9 countries spread across 4 different continents. When I found this out, I even liked the ice cream more than I did before. I think is so amazing for a company to help out this way.

Even though we have lived here in Colorado for 12 years we had never been until an out of town guest wanted to try their ice cream. It was very yummy and I look forward to going again soon.  They have a nice little sitting area outside which probably gets very busy during the summer. Feel like a kid again and enjoy some wonderful ice cream at Little Man. Here is their information:

 2620 16th St, Denver, CO 80211 - 303-455-3811


Little Man 3


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