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June 22, 2016: Eats N Treats in Bowman, ND


When taking road trips, you never know where you might end up. Some are good, some are bad. Then once in a while you run into a place that you won’t forget for a while. This was the case at Eats N Treats in Bowman, North Dakota. I will not remember it because of its people or even its food, I will remember it because of all the Coca-Cola memorabilia. I have never seen so much coke stuff outside of the World of Coke in Atlanta, GA. So crazy.

Eats in Treats 2They even had Coke stuff in the bathroom, but I didn’t take any pictures there, lol. It did take a while to get our food, but I didn’t even care. We had been in the car for a while, and I was too busy looking at all the displays. I asked one of the workers if she knew how much stuff was in there, and she said she couldn’t even guess, as the owners have more at home that they switch around every now and then. Wow, is all I can say. So if you are driving through North Dakota and want to see a cute little place, make sure to stop in to Eats N Treats in Bowman.

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