July 17, 2019: A Stop at the Chocolate Museum, Cologne


Towards the end of a day's exploration of Cologne, including a lengthy visit to its amazing Cathedralwe made our way to Rheinau harbor directly in front of the old town.  Here we went to a special destination, the Lindt Schokaladen (Chocolate) Museum.

02 Chocolate Museum

03 Chocolate Museum

04 Chocolate Museum

We crossed the old swing bridge and approached this attractive modern building.  The museum has exhibits on everything you could ever want to know about chocolate but unfortunately we did not have time to explore it that day.  Instead, we were there for a cup of their famous hot chocolate served in the museum's Chocolat Grand Café.  It was delicious!

Capture(Photo courtesy the Lindt Schokoladen Museum)

05 Chocolate Museum

And with windows all around the Café, panoramic views of the Rhine are terrific -- but nothing beats the hot chocolate!


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   Cologne Cathedral certainly is beautiful and worth the time to explore. Does it still have the war damage to the exterior stonework ?  


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Lindt is our absolute favorite chocolate in this house !  Cologne is the first place I ever touched down in a chartered US Army plane back in the Cold War days because Frankfurt was fogged in.  Not sure how Koln got altered in English to a Cologne naming.  Also went there years later to their wonderful zoo and a cold bottle of the local Kolsch beer.

George G

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