January 15, 2020: Shopping in Jojawar


Jojawar is a small city in Rajasthan.  Walking its streets is a good way to get a feel for how the people in the region sell their goods, shop, and live.

We spent a few days in Jojawar and had several opportunities to explore the area near our hotel.  There were a large assortment of vendors selling everything from textiles and clothes,  fruits, vegetables and other foodstuffs, to assorted commonly used household goods.

01 Shopping

02 Shopping

03 Shopping

04 Shopping

05 Shopping

The following man was very proud of his carrots and very much wanted me to take his photo.

06 Shopping

I'm not sure what these little green spheres are.  Anyone know?  

07 Shopping

And an assortment of other goods for sale...

08 Shopping

10 Shopping

11 Shopping

12 Shopping

13 Shopping

14 Shopping

15 Shopping

16 Shopping

17 Shopping


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A great post about the ordinary in small town India. I've never been a great one for grand buildings of any sort. Ordinary people built them all ! Hardware stores are MOST illuminating 😃

The green fruit is a bit hard to be sure but it looks like 'amroodh', grown I believe in hilly northern areas - they're almost sweet, not that interesting and lots of ball-bearing seeds. There is an English name that escapes me ! Well it did so I looked up on Ecosia - it's guava !