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Insomnia Cookies in Miami

Imagine this. It’s 2 a.m. and you are starving. But you don't feel like having a legit meal – you want cookies! The long wait is finally over. Insomnia Cookies has finally made landfall in Miami!


Insomnia Cookies is probably what heaven feels and tastes like. When you enter the small store you are greeted by the smell of fresh baked cookies. You have the option of either getting a regular sized cookie, a deluxe cookie, a cookie sandwich, or a cookie with a scoop of ice cream. The coolest thing about Insomnia Cookies is they will deliver these cookies directly to your doorstep until 3 a.m.!


How was this amazing concept born? In 2003 Seth Berkowitz started baking and delivery warm cookies to students late night on campus at the University of Pennsylvania for those who were hungry, but there was nothing open on campus to eat. Now Insomnia Cookies has more than forty locations in the states and is also starting to over catering for those businesses that want to be the coolest on the block.


Take a look at the delicious cookies I tried when I stopped at Insomnia Cookies for the first time – smores deluxe cookie, chocolate peanut butter cup deluxe cookie, white chocolate macadamia cookie, and a chocolate chunk cookie with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. So out of control, and so delicious.


Location: 1227 Washington Ave. | Miami Beach, FL 33139










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Katy Patao

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