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Gumbo's Pic of the Day, Oct 6, 2015: Dutch Cheeses

Dutch Cheeses



On a visit to the Netherlands we stayed in the seaside village of Wijk aan Zee on the North Sea, just north of Amsterdam. The village is small and quaint and is known for its wide beaches, bars and hotels and is popular as a holiday destination. 


At the time we were there a local carnival was on and we spotted this man selling a range of locally made cheeses. Needless to say, we sampled a few and being connoisseurs of dairy products we delighted in the different flavours and textures of each one. The man did mention a few names, but I couldn't remember any, so, if you know your cheese, maybe you can pick a few out.


We bought a few corners for ourselves and promptly headed back to our accommodation to devour them with a choice bottle of wine. 


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  • Dutch Cheeses

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