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Gumbo's Pic of the Day, Nov 14, 2013 : Guinness Storehouse, Dublin, Ireland



This is one of my favorite photos I took on a recent trip to Ireland.  To me it represents much of what Ireland is known for...friendly people, great pubs, and their world famous Guinness beer.  Like many of my favorite photos taken in the past, this one was a fluke.  I had just finished the Guinness Storehouse self guided tour in Dublin which walks you through the process of how Guinness makes their brew.  At the end of the tour your admission ticket entitles you to one free pint of Guinness.  I was sitting in the Guinness pub listening to some great Irish music when the bar caught my eye.  I raised my camera to take a photo of the bar, and as I did so, one of the bartenders saw that I was going to take a picture and gave me a huge smile and thumbs up.  I smile every time I see this photo, for it brings back great memories of an amazing trip. 



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  • Guinness Storehouse, Dublin, Ireland: A friendly Guinness Storehouse bartender.

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Voyager... along with my free pint of Guinness, I enjoyed a delicious Irish Stew.  By the time I finished both, I couldn't eat another bite.


Travel Luver...I'm thinking at least two pints of Guinness were consumed by the bartender, a man who as Bling mentioned, gives his all to his work and (cough cough) may have to sample an occasional pint or two to make sure the brew meets his high standards.

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