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Gumbo's Pic of the Day, May 9, 2015: All-You-Can-Eat Dim Sum



March 13, 2015


Dim sum is one of the all-time fun and delicious meals, in principle, and, one would think, just about anywhere in San Francisco’s Chinatown that offers it would be good enough for the average gweilo woman.  Well, it was my birthday and pal Deb and I hadn’t gotten together in quite some time and were concentrating more on catching up than pinning down the perfect place.  I do recall her mentioning a good one over on Broadway but that was several blocks away.  We just sort of fell into the “all you can eat, $5.99” place, unwilling to stop talking long enough to find something else.  My general modus operandi, look around until I’m tired of looking and the next place is the one, is often not a very discerning approach, I admit.





This time might have been a disappointment if I hadn’t been with Deb and if the guy running the place had not been a really jolly guy.  He doled out the food generously and if we mentioned something we didn’t see, noodles?  taro? he’d call out toward the back and it would appear.  Again, not the best ever, but we just couldn’t fault the guy.  What he lacked in gourmet appeal, he nearly made up with winning attitude and good service.


I doubt I’ll go back, but I’ll remember Mr. All-You-Can-Eat fondly, memorialized here on TravelGumbo.  You probably don’t need to know where he is.







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Last time I was at Top of the Mark I was in high school.  It was THE place to go on prom night, along with the Tonga Room across the street at the Fairmont.  I actually seriously considered staying at one place or the other on this road trip but opted for the free parking at the hostel, so annoying was the price of parking on Nob Hill.  Interesting how decision-making can work.


And btw, check in next Saturday and see where I actually did have a drink after dim sum.

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