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Azucar Ice Cream in Little Habana, Miami

Not too long ago I took a field trip over to my dad’s hood – La Pequeña Habana, or Little Havana. While I was walking around looking for content I stumbled upon quite the gem – Azucar Ice Cream.


The Azucar Ice Cream boutique was founded back in 2011 by Suzy Batlle. What sets Suzy’s ice cream shop apart from the rest is that all her ice cream flavors scream “sabor latino,” and whether you are Latino or not you will fall in love with her flavors.

What did I taste you ask? Well I had a scoop of the Cuatro Leches (Four Milks Cake), and a scoop of the famous Abuela Maria. When you visit Azcuar this is a must try. This ice cream includes delicious vanilla ice cream, with actual pieces of guava, cream cheese, and, of course, crunchy galletas Maria. A Cuban classic you just can’t miss.


Location: 1503 SW 8th St. | Miami, FL 33135










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  • Azucar-Ice-Cream-Company-Little-Havana: Azucar Ice Cream
  • Azucar-Ice-Cream-Little-Habana: Azucar Ice Cream Owner & Her Son
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Katy Patao

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I love visiting quirky and delightful places like this! Many years ago we used to visit a little restaurant in Casablanca which served great food prepared by it's French 'patron' whose rudeness and abuse of his customers (never nasty) was an absolute scream! Ah travel! We love you....

One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things."  Henry Miller

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