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I've been wondering what's other traveler's opinion of Bulgaria?  What do you know about the country? What have you heard of it - good and bad things? Have you been here or would you come? 


Bulgaria is full of hidden gems, we have great mountains, sea, charming cultural small towns, delicious cuisine, 9 UNESCO heritage sites and many more things to see and to do.


I'm going to post some blogs about Bulgaria here on Travel Gumbo soon. Hope to see you there!


I think maybe the service in the country kinda sucks. But you should know that people who work in the sea resorts (mostly) work for super small amounts of money, they are not motivated to give their best attitude. It's a cheap destination but it has a big potential. One thing is that we have a lot of mineral waters (second in Europe after Island) but we use only 1,5% of them. Another problem is the government. Our politicians seem like don't care about developing our country but only use our tax money to buy fancy new cars...


Anyway, would be glad to see what's your opinion about Bulgaria. Here are some pictures of our beautiful country: 


Tryavna, Bulgaria

Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Ancient Theater in Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Ancient Theater in Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Alexander Nevsky Church in Sofia, Bulgaria


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Travelling Buzz- I really like Bulgaria and sometimes crave the plain yogurt sweetened with honey that you get there.


As far as the Black Sea ,it really reminds me of the US's Gulf Coast. Costs are lower and the beaches are great for swimming


I'm anxious to hear more from you about Bulgaria's UNESCO sights !


Welcome to TG! We are glad you are part of the community!

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Bulgaria is a place most Americans don't know much at all (although last year in Paris I saw a billboard that said it's the new best place for golf!) 


I'd love to know more and hope you'll write some blogs about it!

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I also have to admit that I don't know much about Bulgaria, although more and more I've been thinking about visiting eastern Europe.


I look forward to learning more about it from your future posts!  Thanks!

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