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Sitting there on the edge of the cliff and overlooking the sea, the charming mermaid welcomes all visitors flocking in from all places around the world offering them a warm stay with the authentic Arabian generosity and unforgettable moments despite its sufferings.

Beirut has always been a cultural and financial capital of the whole Arab region, each and every corner of the city carries loads of memories reflecting the story of people who struggled and managed to withhold a series of deadly events and downturns.

In this article we will give a quick view over Beirut to show why it is absolutely the best city to visit in the Middle East region.

It’s Safe

War is raging in the neighbouring Syria and the plights of terrorism is striking in many locations around the city, but it somehow manages to stay a safe haven.

Experienced more than once the curses of street battles and bloodsheds, Beirutians will do whatever it takes to contain the current peace and maintain the current harmony between all groups and sects.

Also, the people of Beirut rise above the common liberal standards of the Middle East, they are really understanding and open minded welcoming visitors of different cultures and backgrounds with the same warmth.

Impressively Cosmopolitan

Beirut is known as “the Paris of the Middle East”, the city still preserves it’s magnificent past which is strikingly evident in its buildings’ architectural patterns especially of those located in the heart of Beirut.

Good Food

Upon booking a vacation to Lebanon, expect to get overwhelmed with the quality of the authentic Lebanese cuisine. In fact, the traditional cuisine in Lebanon is pretty different from the customary Arabian cuisine. It’s mainly centered around light salads seasoned with olive oil and composed of a wide collection of different vegetables, legumes, and sometimes, fruits.

Fattoush and Tabbouleh are absolutely the most popular Lebanese dishes, there are also Hummus, Manousheh, which is a thin-crust pizza topped with dry thyme, and many other.

History, arts, and culture

Beirut is one of the oldest cities in the region, in fact, it’s one of the oldest and still standing cities on the planet. By roaming around the city you will find remnants dating back to different ages. There is also the Beirut National Museum which is stacked with magnificent artifacts spanning from the prehistory to the Arab conquest.

Mim Museum is another outstanding location where visitors can find the world’s largest collection of gemstones, minerals, and prehistoric fossils.

Pry away the noise

You can go for a one day trip away from the city’s traffic deep inland to view the mountains covered with cedar forests and go for hikes. Deep inland there are also ski resort areas like Mzaar and Laqlouq which are really wonderful especially during winter.

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