It is, apparently, Pizza Week, and Zagat is celebrating by directing us to the best.  '50 States, 50 Pizzas' is the title of Zagat's online guide to the best pizzas in the US.


Click here  "... to find truly standout pies in every state."  The illustrations will convince you to locate the one nearest you, if you need convincing.  Or, maybe, road trip?

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Well. they certainly hit the spot in New York with Di Fara's, but an awful lot of the choices look as if the prize was for most unusual accumulation of ingredients, rather than best pizza.


Surely there is an outer limit, where you say "this is not a pizza, it's a take-off on a pizza?" Sort of like when you make a birthday cake and ice it to look like a burger on a bun... 

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PHeymont --  You're like the guy who goes to Baskin-Robbins and wants vanilla!


But I agree.  Too many pizza places try to go for outlandish toppings rather than making the BEST pizza possible.    Generally I like little mom and pop joints best.

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