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Hi...I'm in Atlanta, home of some great food (including barbecue, soul and MaryMac's Tea Room which you've all got to get to someday).


Anyway, right after New Years, I'm packing my family (2 of us and 2 kids) and driving to Denver for my parents' 40th anniversary. My husband doesn't have to be back at work teaching until the beginning of February, so we have time to stay over a bunch of places and eat good food. I don't mean gourmet stuff...I mean good local food.


Can folks here suggest places to go? We don't have to stay in a straight line or anything, and we don't want to get there way overweight (we thought of using Guy Fieri as a guide, but everything's too big or too fried). Maybe we could even write our own stories, if the food's good!


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To be honest, Varsity ain't what it was when I was in college...there's better places around. Some good stuff on Marietta St. near the convention center, and lots of good places in Decatur area (we're near there). 


That's the kind of stuff I'm looking for to make up our road trip.

I took a look and it looks like just what I need. I can even use the info to plan our route. I had my mom look at it, too, and she said it reminds her of when she was a kid and my granddad had a book called Duncan Hines that had local places all over.


I wonder if that's the same Duncan Hines as the cake mix?

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