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Dreaming of distant oceans, white, sandy beaches, a Mojito in your hand, while a gentle breeze is just ruffling the waters lounging a few feet from your feet? Waking with the sounds of exotic beats trumpeting the air while you lie in a hammock, munch on a coconut and daydream the day away? Might be it’s high time to take a vacation.

If you equate vacation with island, paradise and offline, stick with us. We know there are about seven hundred and forty one thousand articles on the best beach destinations online – here’s our version of the top island destinations you need to (re)visit this year. We are not pretending we have discovered a brand new archipelago – all we are saying is that there are some islands out there that are worth rediscovering, even if they have been talked about to death.

An oldie but a goodie – Hawaii

Have you seen the latest ad for Hawaii Five O? In case you haven’t, the island is advertised as one of those places where the beach, the food and the waves are all you need. And a murder or two, if you are a fan of the show. If you are not, then all you need is a surfboard. Hailed by Agatha Christie as the place where she learned to surf, and hailed by thousands as the dream island, there is still so much Hawaii has to offer, even if there are countless tourists descending on it every season.

To name but one site, if you don’t visit Kailua, Oahu’s gem – you might as well stay home and cast longing looks at your aquarium. The waves are not worthy of a Vans Triple Crown, but as the beach is exposed to the Trade Winds, you can windsurf to your heart’s content. You may also run into a few of the local sea turtles, and discuss the weather.

The Beach itself – Koh Phi Phi

Another one for the cinematography fans out there – although hopefully a bit less bloody. Maya Bay is where Leonardo Di Caprio infamously tried to escape the paradise he was trapped in. Naturally, this part of Koh Phi Phi is often crowded, but that’s not saying you won’t be able to shoot your camera without someone photo bombing. Note that you can get there only by boat, so try to hire your own ride, and beat the crowds to it. Then you can pull out your very own copy of Alex Garland’s masterpiece from your pack, burry your feet in the sand, and dive right in.

Coupling - in the Canaries

I have to admit – I have no pop culture reference for the Canaries. Luckily, they don’t need one. They can sell themselves, with very little effort. Just imagine 230 kilometers of coastline which is Gran Canaria, lined with one beach after another. And remember, we are talking about some of the best beaches in the world here. For example, the Playa Del Ingles. Or the San Agustin. Visiting Gran Canaria means filling up your batteries to the very maximum, and coming home smelling of coconuts, sunshine, and sea salt. Did I mention the marine life?

Bathe with your betrothed in Bora Bora

Bora Bora is known the world over as a honeymooner’s paradise, and you don’t really need to wonder why. A – the beaches provide the perfect backdrop for any and all romantic pics you need taken. B – the waters are calm, turquoise, lush and mesmerizing. C – you can rent a bungalow with a glass floor, and wake up every morning to a new school of fish holding a meeting under your bed. And D – it is simply that beautiful. You don’t even need to be married or engaged to bask in the glory that is this French Polynesian find. All you need is an adventurous spirit, which will take you shark feeding and swimming with the turtles. Or a spirit that will leave you lounging in the sunshine all your time there.

Finally – Fiji

You may not have been expecting Fiji to find its way to our list, but here it is. You have to trust Jim Carey on this one. This collection of islands in the South Pacific is beaches galore. You can literally visit a different beach every day, and still not get either bored, tired, or have your fill of the Fiji sun. The main points to leave your mark at are Natadola Beach, where you can snorkel all day long, as well as the Liku Beach, where you can swim under some of the most scenic backdrop on the islands. Well, to tell the truth, in the entire Pacific.

Can you smell the breeze yet? Taste the coconut? Are there drums beating in your ears? Good. Book that flight, pack that suitcase, and be on your way. Don’t mind the rain beating on your windows. The sun is shining just on the other side of that plane ride.

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Loved St Agustin in Gran Canaria.  Stayed right on the water at the Don Gregory.  Very little to no wet weather and lots of sunshine.  Lots to explore on the island and wonderful cuisine.  One other island I'd like to add to the list is Martinique because of the lush tropical parks, wildlife, excellent cuisine, and the volcano Mont Pelee.

George G

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