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Jodhpur is the second largest city of Rajasthan. It is also the most popular city in the state because of its glorious history and royal culture. Also known as ‘the Blue City’ and ‘the Sun City’, Jodhpur has some incredible palaces and magnificent forts that will captivate your senses. It is also home to the massive fort, the Mehrangarh Fort. The structure is almost 500 years and is the most important attraction of the city.

The Maharajas Express is a royal train that offers the opportunity to explore this beautiful and huge architecture at Jodhpur. This leading royal train of India offers a journey, Heritage of India that waits in Jodhpur for a day. The Heritage of India journey of The Maharajas Express offers travelling for 8 days/7 nights, which starts from Udaipur and reaches to Jodhpur on the 4th day. For you to enjoy this once in a lifetime experience, here is the list of things explore in Mehrangarh Fort, Jodhpur:

Dedh Kambra Gate

Dedh Kambra Gate is the first thing to see in Mehrangarh Fort. The wall of the gate tells its own story. So, when you look at it, you somewhere understand the story lingering behind. The walls have depressions of cannon balls that were used in a war to attack the Mehrangarh Fort. In spite of the heavy attack, the fort still stood strong.

The Loha Gate

There is one more gate at Mehrangarh Fort, the Loha gate. The path to Loha gate is really amusing. One can encounter various musicians and dancers performing on the way. Loha Gate is surrounded by two walls. One of the walls contains handprints of 5 queens of Mehrangarh Fort and the other wall has the handprints of the women that committed Sati.

The Sheesh Mahal

As per the name, the Sheesh Mahal is a beautiful palace built of glass. The roof of the room, which is completely made of shining glass is the main point of attraction. The glasswork spread all over the place has the floral patterns and vibrant colors that add to its elegance. Maharaja Ajit Singh used this glass palace as his bedroom. Besides, the mythological designs in the palace make it more appealing.

Phool Mahal

There is something beautiful about this place. You cannot ignore but admire every mesmerizing detail of this place. Constructed by Maharaja Abhay Singh as a private room for men, every corner of Phool Mahal is immersed in colors from fancy gold to bright blue and green shades. The royals celebrated their victories and birthdays in this Mahal. Also, the artwork in the form of patterns, designs, and colors exude pure royal vibes.

Takhat Nivas

Once the room of Maharaja Takhat Singh, Takhat Niwas is now an alluring point in Mehrangarh Fort. There are Hindu mythological paintings all over the place that are enticing. Interestingly, the room has a small bed which was made so that the king could feel the danger by touching the ground with his feet. Apart from this, there are X’mas balls in the room gifted by the British. All these beautifully detailed elements give life to the Takhat Nivas.

Zenana Deodi

Zenana Deodi is a dedicated shopping spot in Jodhpur. From handbags, bangles to enchanting paintings and colorful sculptures, travelers can get it all at Zenana Deodi. It is a place where one can even buy the museum artifacts at reasonable costs. Besides, one cannot miss the architecture containing stunning sandstones and windows.

Mehrangarh is the king of all the forts of Jodhpur. It accommodates many exquisite palaces and spots that depict the beautiful artwork and historical events of the city.


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