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The city of Entertainment.  So many shows, nightclubs drinking; and gambling only makes it more confusing.  The Grand Canyon, Hoover Dam, Indoor Skydiving, Zip Line, Rock Climbing, Triple A Baseball, Rodeos, Concerts, Limos, Taxi's,  


Everything costs money.  My first piece of advice is to get a map.  Find out where you are going to be staying and find out what is close to you.  Then, plan on doing things that are close to your hotel.  


When it comes to gambling everyone thinks that the roulette wheel will remember what color came up.  This is called "series of independent trials."  You have the same odds of getting red or black on any given spin.  Remember that!  


When I gamble I play black jack, poker or craps.  Always going to have a determination in the outcome.  The cost of electricity in Las Vegas is insane.  They don't build more and more slot machines because they lose money.  


When it comes to shows Crique du Soleil is by far the champion.  KA, O, Love, Zarkania, are the best!  Catch David Copperfield instead of Chris Angel because you won't see any wires.  Terry Fator is very talented.  Larry the Cable guy is a great comedy show.  George Wallace is not bad either.  Anyone who offers you discount show tickets is trying to sell you a time share tour.  


The Grand Canyon is one of the eight wonders of the world.  The best way to do it is with a helicopter.  Remember you are in the desert.  It's hot.  They do have hiking tours for those of you who really into it.  Bring extra water and sun tan lotion.  


Definitely, Indoor Skydiving and the Zip line are something you have to do.  


The Las Vegas 51's are a Triple A baseball team for the Toronto Blue Jays.  Cashman Field is located just north of Freemont Street on Las Vegas Blvd.  They used to be owned by the Dodgers, and I have seen some great players here.  Including James Loney, Bartolo Colon, and Tony Gwynn Jr.  Tony Gwynn Jr's dad was even there.  Yes, the hall of famer.  He would not sign.  He just said "I am here for my son."  Which is understandable.  Pete Rose is always somewhere around town, and does autograph sessions on a regular basis.  Field of Dreams in the Caesar's Forum Shops also has Leon Spinks and sometimes Mike Tyson.  


When it comes to taxi cabs, don't let the driver long haul you.  This means he is going to take a longer way to get to where you are going to he can have a higher meter.  And the best way to avoid this is to have the map that I mentioned earlier.  Know where you are going and have him avoid the freeway.  Especially during rush hour.  Paradise Road is a great alternative to Las Vegas Blvd.  


Las Vegas is a celebrity playground.  Shaq has thrown some off the hook parties.  Sean P. Diddy Combs once threw a party that was so wild that the Palms shut it down!  The nightclub and pool party scene is very complicated.  It's hard to get guys in.  First, you have to dress the part.  Rule #1 no sneakers!  Rule #2 Jeans are ok just not baggy.  Rule #3 Shirt with a collar.    As far as the ladies go no flip flops or sandles.  


When it comes to costs it depends on who the DJ is.  When you are talking about Calvin Harris, Tiesto, and Kaskade they sky is the limit.  Some people have spent upwards of $20k on VIP bottle service.  


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