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Camping in winter feels like freezing in the chilled atmosphere, and therefore, many people prefer camping in summers. But, if you think otherwise, you can enjoy the real beauty of nature in winter. Trees have shed their leaves, rivers and lakes are frozen and it looks just beautiful outside if you see the scenery. Winters offer a completely different landscape, which adds to the beauty of the surrounding. Even when it snows, winter can be fully enjoyed outdoors.

You can find lots of people camping in the snow. It is completely possible to enjoy in the snowy climate outside, and the credit goes to the right equipment. You have to be well-equipped before taking the plunge. Moreover, you can visit outdoor life shop for your necessary requirements.

Let us take a look at some of the important tips that will guide you through your winter camping.

Dress up Properly

It is natural that in the chilled climate you will want to wear clothes that will keep you warm. So, take your woollens and other winter gear that will give you a complete protection from the chilly winds and snowy climate.

Carefully layer yourself up. You can start with polyester thermal undergarments for the base layer. Select a breathable fleece that will allow the perspiration to exit. In the case, if you prefer natural fibres, then you can choose merino wool and wool-fleece blends. They offer the warmth of wool without the itchiness. Moreover, you can pack a scarf or a neck gaiter that you can take off and on easily to regulate your body temperature. Try to choose a lightweight jacket that is breathable as well as waterproof. Now, when we talk about layering yourself, it also includes your head and feet. Therefore, make sure to take something warm for your head and feet as well.

Never Ignore Your Hands

When we are talking about outdoor clothing specifically made for winters, do not avoid your hands. Yes, it is very important that you cover your hands with warm and quality material gloves. You will get relevant materials on the market or you can even shop online for the same at good prices.

Consider Fire

When you are already camping in the snowy climate, it is crucial that you do not ignore fire at your camping site. Therefore, plan ahead of choosing the campsite and take essentials in these regards. For example, it is important that you store your matches in a waterproof container. Also, take other necessary required stuff to make sure you do not run short of things useful for lighting a fire at your campsite. For this, you get lots of stuff on the market, which will be convenient and easy for you.

Make The Right Selection Of Your Cdampsite

In summer, you can select the shadiest place to protect yourself from sun heat. But, in winters, morning sun can be the most welcoming sight of your day. Therefore, take a note and search for the place, where the sun will appear first. Choose that place for your campsite. It means that always make sure to choose the place where sunrise will appear first. Moreover, place your tent at such an angle, where sun rays will be directly peeping into your tent. Make the right selection of campsite.

Hydrate yourself more and more

We all know that we rarely feel thirsty in winters. However, it is important to keep yourself hydrated during this season as well. You can drink hot/warm water, hot chocolate, hot tea, or even coffee for that purpose. Do not miss out on your essential hydration level of the body.

Be prepared for condensation

You will face condensation on your tent when you breathe inside a warm tent on a cold night. So, be ready to have a “snow down” on you in the morning. You can do much less about condensation though. But, be sure to dry out the next morning, especially your sleeping bag. You can also vent your tent at night to reduce condensation. It won’t hold in the heat, but it will help stay dryer.

Camping in winter can be a wonderful experience for you if you do not forget that even a little bit of heat can go a long way.

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A big temptation among new campers is to dive into your bag with some of your day clothes still on - the insulation value of keeping a fresh outfit just for sleeping is immense. 

If you have a small fire, put a saucer sized rock in it; when you retire, (after a short brisk stomp around to get circulation going), you can wrap the stone in a dirty t-shirt and put it in the bottom of your bag. It'll keep your feet warm for ages !

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