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Important Winter Camping Trips

Ruby Daub ·
Camping in winter feels like freezing in the chilled atmosphere, and therefore, many people prefer camping in summers. But, if you think otherwise, you can enjoy the real beauty of nature in winter. Trees have shed their leaves, rivers and lakes are frozen and it looks just beautiful outside if you see the scenery. Winters offer a completely different landscape, which adds to the beauty of the surrounding. Even when it snows, winter can be fully enjoyed outdoors. You can find lots of people...

How can Selected Accommodation Improve Vacation ?

Bob Pitter ·
While most people put so much effort in picking out a country to travel to, as well as, in picking out sights to tour, they often overlook selecting a proper accommodation. Little do they know that a properly selected accommodation has a lot of potential to improve a vacation on several levels. 1. It Can Give You a Taste of the Authentic Culture Depending on where you choose to stay, you can end up with an increased dosage of culture, or a rather bland experience. Here’s where a very common...
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France Re-Joins Eurail Select Pass

Paul Heymont ·
The French national rail operator SNCF, which dropped out of Eurail's "Select Pass" program last year, will be back "in the house" starting April 1st. The pass allows a buyer to select a subset of Eurail's 26 countries for unlimited travel on a...

Re: Important Winter Camping Trips

Amateuremigrant ·
A big temptation among new campers is to dive into your bag with some of your day clothes still on - the insulation value of keeping a fresh outfit just for sleeping is immense. If you have a small fire, put a saucer sized rock in it; when you retire, (after a short brisk stomp around to get circulation going), you can wrap the stone in a dirty t-shirt and put it in the bottom of your bag. It'll keep your feet warm for ages !