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If you are preparing a trip to the city of sin, you may already have wondered how transportation works in Las Vegas. Something that is not always taken into account the first time you visit Las Vegas is the great distance between hotels. And it is that, although it seems that everything is very close, the reality is far from that. The Strip is 7 kilometers away, and although we simply want to go from one hotel to another, we will have to walk, go through bridges, go up and down escalators etc.

This can be a great inconvenience, since it is usually very hot and it takes a long time to reach our destination. Therefore, we recommend taking into account the different means of transportation in Las Vegas to streamline this process and improve your trip. These include car rental, riding the bus, monorail and calling a taxi/uber.

1. Rental car

It is a highly recommended option, since renting a car in Las Vegas and generally in the US is usually quite economical.

Additionally, having your own vehicle in this brilliant city will make exploring it easier than ever. Not only will it give you unlimited freedom but it will also save you a lot of time by quickly getting to each destination.

Renting a car in Las Vegas is quite common, as it gives you the freedom to move outside the Strip, especially for trips to the Hoover Dam, the Red Rock Canyon or the Grand Canyon of Colorado. In addition, another benefit of the rental car is that the parking of all the large hotels is free (at least the first hour).

2. Bus: The Deuce

Las Vegas has many bus lines that run through the city. Those who are most interested are those who travel the Strip, as it is the area that everyone visits in Las Vegas. To move around the Strip there are 2 types of bus: The Deuce and the Strip & Downtown Express. The most known and used bus by travellers is known as The Deuce.

The Deuce covers the entire Strip area. It starts at Las Vegas Outlet South and goes to the famous Fremont Street, Downtown. In addition to stopping at almost all hotels, it also has stops at points of interest, such as the Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas sign.

3. Monorail

The Monorail is an alternative to the bus and in which we avoid the dense traffic of the Strip. The tour begins almost at the southern end of the Strip, at the Hotel MGM and runs along the parallel street to the Hotel Sahara (at the north end). The total distance between these two extremes lasts approximately fifteen minutes.

The biggest drawback of the monorail is that normally the stations are at the back of the building, so you have to cross the entire hotel and it takes a long time to get there.

4. Taxi / Uber

Taxi is another convenient way to get around Las Vegas. Taxis can be taken at shopping malls, casinos and places of interest, but never on the Strip (security laws prohibit taxis from picking up passengers on the Strip). By car the Idistances between the hotels are much faster, so the journey will usually cost no more than $10.

Uber is also very common in Las Vegas, in fact in most of the hotels you can find specific points to pick up and drop off Uber passengers. They work very similar to taxis and they also leave you at the main entrances of the hotels. It is usually cheaper than a taxi.

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