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The Caribbean has always been a place for exceptional romances. The quiet beaches paired with the exciting nightlife is what you need for a lover’s paradise. However, it is the British Virgin Islands that is now on the radar of newlyweds.

The idea of a place which is so filled with surprises that you can go ahead and find yourself a nook to be with your loved one is enticing. What makes it all the more interesting is the fact that the Virgin Islands are also home to a lot of untouched bays and beaches which hold a lot of mysteries, and provide you with the opportunity to walk through some of the most brilliant sceneries in the world.

What’s more, it is super easy to get homes with private pool in Virgin Gorda too. So, what are the places you should visit? Let’s see

1. Ponds Bay

Located near St. Johns Pond Bay is something of a marvel. A graded hiking trail leads to the bay, and the beach is entirely pristine. While the hiking trail will not take you long to pass it, the scenic beauty is immense, so, be prepared to stop midway for many photo-ops. On the other hand, when you do reach the bay in the middle of the island, you are likely to find it empty. Since this is one of the harder to get to beaches in the place, it is not rare to find the entire beach to yourself on a typical day.

Also available are kayaking trips to the bay, and snorkeling opportunities. So, if sailing and swimming is your idea of a romantic vacation, do not forget to indulge in these activities. What’s more, this beach offers some brilliant shaded spaces to lounge about in and take in the scenery. Imagine, an empty beach, shade and the sea at your feet, there can hardly be anything more romantic.

2. Savannah Bay Beach

Nothing says easy snorkeling like this beach located just a little bit farther from the Ponds Bay. Get there by car, and find the entire beach only to yourselves. The beach stretches on for a long distance and offers something for everybody.
If you are a born swimmer, you can test the clear blue waters and try and reach the deeper ends in the seas, while, for swimmers who are just starting there are plenty of shallow pools to roam around in. One of the best experiences one can have in this place in walking hand to hand while the sun sets, we are sure that the once-in-a-lifetime experience would be a treat for any newlyweds.
On the other hand, the Savannah Bay has a shallow reef to one end where snorkeling in pretty easy. You can be with the fishes for hours as you float down to them and see the unique marine life that distinguishes the Caribbean from all the other places.

Pro tip, this is a protected area, so, remember to remove all the trash that you may have created on the beach before moving out.

3. Little Trunk Bay Beach

Located near the more popular Spring Bay, this is another treat for reclusive young couples. You can set yourself up on one of the picnic tables and have a gala time at the beach. Just like the famous Baths, you have to slip and slide between several huge boulders to get through to this place. However, once you reach your end of the trail, you would be greeted with one of the most pristine beaches in all of the Virgin Gordas.

Snorkeling is a bit risky here, however, if you are experienced, try snorkeling in and around the reefs to find little nuggets of surprise hidden within.
We recommend going to this beach completely prepared for the whole day and with a large picnic basket so that you can laze around and see the calm sunset before coming back.

Keep in mind, if the weather conditions are dangerous, it is better to give this beach a miss since it has no lifeguards of hazard signs nearby.

4. Spring Bay

One of our favorite places to visit in all of Virgin Gordas, the Spring Bay offers everything the Baths does but, does it better. It has some of the most beautiful sceneries and places filled with boulders all around. Like anywhere else in the Island, you can climb atop the boulders and enjoy a sight that is truly unique to the place. Remember to keep your loved ones close, and try out the variety of activities that are available here.

The Spring Bay also houses one of the best hiking trails with some beautiful vegetation that you can travel through for a lonely escapade between only two of you.

Also one of the safer places on the island, this is one of the best places to go snorkeling at. Hold the hand of your loved one and see the marine life that has held biologists in awe for centuries. We are sure you won’t be disappointed.

5. The Baths

There’s nothing to say about The Devil's Bay or The Baths that has not been said before. However, though the bay does get crowded owing to its popularity, it is not hard to find a lover’s nook for yourself. Try and slip into an adventure between the huge boulders lying all around the bay and find yourself a quiet nook where you two can be yourself.

The Devil's Bay is also home to some of the best restaurants in the area so don’t forget to indulge a little while you are at it. Once, you get tired of the rocks, you can easily try snorkeling here, lessons are offered throughout the seasons, and there are many things to try out throughout the entire place.
Here’s to the newlyweds and their beautiful journeys. Enjoy yourself in the Virgin Gorda and try and find romance in the unlikeliest of places. With an island like this, it won’t be tough, we assure you.


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I have to agree with your recommendations! Stunning beauty in every direction and the best snorkeling I've ever experienced. One of the smartest decisions we made on our trip was taking the ferry from Trellis Bay to Virgin Gorda and renting a car for the day. It was very freeing to explore the island on our own and take our time. I have to say, the BVI was the most romantic, most memorable trips we've ever taken. It definitely took us out of the box of our normal travel and helped us see vacationing in a way we would have never experienced, even if we had visited on a cruise ship. We were fortunate, we have friends that have a villa with a 19 ft Boston Whaler on Great Camanoe that showed us around before they left. That gave us courage to set out and explore that amazing world.

Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer.

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