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Qatar has a rich culmination 0f beauty, wealth & culture. Travellers across the globe get immensely attracted to this place of rich heritage & modern infrastructure & visit this annually. We assure if you are planning your next visit to Qatar, you won't be bored. This place is having such a long list of attraction that any visitor will surely feel the dilemma of picking places to visit. We have filtered down & formed this possibly ultimate list of most beautiful places in Qatar that you can invest your time & money in.

Katara Mosque

This Katara Mosque has been placed at the centre place of Katara Cultural Village spot, wherein few of the most beautiful architectural masterpieces have been crafted across the Middle East are here. The layout & designing of Katara Mosque has been quite unique & different than other regular Mosque in Qatar. This Built has been crafted using mosaic & mostly out of blue tiles, you can also see traces of red & yellow in this architecture. Visitors mostly get overwhelmed by looking at the impressive high structure & its magnificence.

State Grand Mosque

The word Grand has been very appropriately given to this structure. However the external part of this structure is interestingly awesome which offer appearance like a castle, the internal portion is just mind-blowing. The dome above your head will leave you spell-bound & the beautiful chandeliers hanging on your head will leave you mesmerized. This place is so large that its size itself will leave you in trance state of inspiration & admiration. Visitors must visit this place at night when the sight is so beautiful that has been further complemented using purple lighting. 

The Doha Desert

The desert of Doha is mostly intact, which assures a lovely sight for the visitors having uncompromised love for nature. We strongly recommend travellers to include this destination on your list. The serene sight of endless & smooth sand is just so soothing to watch for hours. The sight of the sand is just flawless & calming. Travellers can enjoy the sand dunes in a desert safari expedition & make full use of the travel. Desert is such a mysterious & beautiful element of nature which has been attracting wanderers for centuries.

Al- Zubarah Fortress

This Fort just magically appears in front of you when you do not expect anything but the sand ahead of you. The true magical beauty of the fort remains in its seclusion which is unique. Visitors can make use of a lazy camel ride for approaching this fort along with absorbing the serene beauty around you. As soon as you reach near this fort, you automatically feel a strong connect with the impactful historical existence & mesmerizing look.  Travellers can make use of the enriching history of the fortress by visiting the exhibitions being held on the site itself by Al-Zubarah.

Madinat Ash Shamal, Qatar

This is Qatar’s largest & most beautiful park. This has been spread over almost 56,000 square meters of place. Apart from the most scenic view, this park offers a restaurant, cafeteria, bathrooms as well as well-planned children play area. You can just be lost in the beauty of this scenic delight when your young ones are enjoying the exciting slides. This park also presents water features. A very advanced irrigation system has been built to sustain the park.

Al Jassasiya Carving

This mysterious Al Jassasiya has been one of the greatest interesting destinations in Qatar. The mystic attraction of this site has been into its petroglyphs – these are incredible & delicate carvings done on stones which are quite exceptional. These carvings are known to signifying animals, boats & daisies made with utter excellence. Several sings & patterns are still incomprehensible & mystery to mankind.

Al Wakra Museum

The Al Wakra Museum of Qatar has been another destination which gives few of the greatest architectural beauties in Qatar. These museums have been quite amazing & the exhibits of really rare & ancient artefacts along with interesting details from the era of historical events of Qatar. Here the visitor can find the exterior of the building as well very much attractive & intriguing. This has built in an old fort which gives a uniquely beautiful quality to it.

The National Museum of Qatar

This National Museum of Qatar has been quite a complex structure to decipher the details for comprehension. It almost looks like a master craft of origami art. This white building is having really sharp and curvy edges which almost appear impossible to build by a man. This building has successfully been able to manifest fine excellence of architecture & make it possible to build in reality. The designing of this building has been inspired by the desert rose which is a natural phenomenon being formed out of crystals under a specific condition. 

Barzan Towers

Barzan towers signify & represent some fine work of architectural brilliance. However, for admiring its beauty in totality one needs to reach till the top of the building to believe. As soon as you reach on top, the view will give you immense scenic delight. The building in its own capacity has been crafted quite nicely. Do not miss to carry along a good camera to capture these mesmerizing views.

The Museum of Islamic Art

This wonderful Museum of Islamic Art has been situated in the centre of a water body. The water is just crystal clear & still. When we approach the Museum via a bridge, the incredible appearance of the Museum will get in spell-bound position. The exteriors of the building have been strikingly simple yet magnificent, however, in the contrast interiors are crafted with utmost detail & delicate crafts. 

You can make use of your Qatar airways promo code to book a ticket during your next vacation & have a smooth sail to these wonderful destinations. Most travellers across the globe are in constant hunt of wonderful destinations for exciting expeditions. Qatar has it all, finest architecture & divine beauty of the desert.

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