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Visiting other places is the best adventure one can have in life. There are limitless cities to explore throughout the world. The experience one gets from touring cannot be expressed in words. However, the memories and experiences can become more memorable when one can bring souvenirs from such places or destinations. Buying souvenirs from such places is the best thing one can do to refresh these exotic feelings and memories.

While looking for exploring both nature and culture there is one city that comes in the minds of all people. It is Islamabad, Capital City of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. It is a planned city and has many sectors and zones. There are several souvenirs one can bring from Islamabad. PIA flights to Pakistan from Birmingham are available at discounted rates that can just make you fly to Islamabad right now. So to have the best souvenirs from this beautiful city are as follow:

1. Libra Jewels

Libra jewels are one of the most famous jewelry shops in Islamabad. They make the beautiful and antique jewels.

2. Saeed Book Banks

Readers who are lucky enough to visit Islamabad should not miss visiting Saeed Book Bank. The shop has the widest variety of books in their store. Books are ranged from art books to fictional. It also includes a wide variety of Urdu language section.



3.The Centaurus Mall

It is a famous mall in Islamabad. It is one of its own kind. There are numerous clothing brands and jewelry shops.  One can have many souvenirs from this mall.

4. Jinnah Market

One can get the most affordable and beautiful souvenirs from the Jinnah Market. You can have beautiful leather gifts and products. It gives you a wide variety of leather wallets and ladies’ purses as well. They also give you the option of customization.

5. Handicrafts

There are many handicraft shops all around the city. These shops offer many beautiful handmade cushions, shawls, bedspreads, clothes, and kurtas as well. These can be very good souvenirs.

6. Super Market

This market is famous for having handicrafts from all around Pakistan. Handicrafts from Punjab, Baluchistan, KPK, Sindh, and Kashmir. It also provides you with a big variety of handmade rugs and carpets as well.

7. One shop Toys

If you have children back at home, this shop in Islamabad has all the variety of toys one can have for their small ones.  From stuff toys to gadgets and video games, it has all.

8. Spiral

It contains all kinds of CDs and DVDs. Music albums from many national singers. One who wants to have a musical souvenir from Islamabad can visit the place.

9. Illusions

It has a wide variety in music gallery and some other electronic products as well.

10. Markaz

Islamabad is a planned city, therefore, it has a central main market of its own known as “Markaz”. Being the central market of Islamabad it contains all kinds of best and affordable things and products one can buy as a souvenir. It has all kind of clothing brands, handicrafts shop and also some of the antique jewelry shops as well.

So try to visit these places in Islamabad.


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