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Germany plans first bicycle-only Autobahn

Germany has just opened the first 5km of a planned 100km bike route that will eventually connect 10 cities and four universities in the Ruhr area, and more are planned elsewhere. The wide route is aimed at commuters, with 2 million people living within 2km of the route, as well as reducing pollution and traffic congestion. Other routes under consideration include a 30km route from Frankfurt to Darmstadt. In some cases, the routes are able to take advantage of disused rail lines. For more...

Wurst case scenario: hot dog bites supermarket burglar

There's an old saying that it's a bad idea to go shopping when you're hungry. Now we find it's that way for burglary, too. An otherwise successful German burglar has been taken down by a bite of sausage. In February, burglars broke into a supermarket in Anspach by breaking down a door. They tried the office safe and couldn't get in, but they did take €300 worth of cigarettes with them. And one of the burglars, unable to resist a delicious temptation, took a hefty bite out of a pork...

Berlin opening Europe's first T-Rex exhibit

This week, Europe's first T-Rex skeleton takes the stage, and Berlin's Natural History Museum is hoping he'll be as popular a performer as his relatives have been elsewhere. In an interview with, museum director Prof. Johannes Vogel said that Tyrannosaurus Rex specimens  "have this funny effect of transforming the perception of museums, and this will be no exception." The museum is well-known in Berlin, and Vogel thinks the exhibit may be the ticket to world status,...

Many Happy Returns! German company rents Christmas trees

For those who hate to have a cut-down tree and then throw it out, but can't bring themselves to love an artificial tree, Germany's Happy Tree company has a solution. They'll rent you a festive tree, and then take it back after the holiday. A startup last year when they rented 400 trees to customers in Cologne and Dusseldorf, this year they are aiming at 3000, in 12 cities, including Hamburg, Bremen and Hannover. Last year, about 75% of the trees survived the holidays; the company is aiming...