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Wrong Airport: Help, I've landed and I can't get up!

In probably the biggest embarrassment a pilot could have, the world's largest cargo plane, a modified 747-400, landed at Wichita's civil airport instead of a nearby Air Force base. The problem? Airport runway is too short for take-off. Read HERE for the solution!

The best part of every trip is realizing that it has upset your expectations

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There are few stories more embarrassing for a pilot than the old "landed at the wrong airport one".  Wonder how often this happens?  This particular story is news because it couldn't take off easily without special clearance.


In this era of modern flight navigation, one has to wonder how it could happen at all.

Years ago, flying with a friend into Montreal in a private plane and later than expected, after dark, we'd have been happy to see ANY airport.  After a chat with controllers they flashed the runway lights for us and we made it in, safe & sound.  


Maybe that's the solution for everyone, there needs to be more light flashing for the confused at the right airport.

If there are confusing runways nearby, PortMoresby's idea of flashing lights is good.  Different airports could have different colored lights.  Today I land at the green light airport.  Tomorrow it is the red light airport (to be distinguished form the red light areas in different cities).  

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