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Wine sale bails out convent


The sisters at Sint Catherinadal convent in Oosterhout, Netherlands, are blue nuns no more. They have succeeded in selling off the 20,000 bottles of wine canceled by "a major Dutch airline" due to coronavirus effects on travel.

Faced with loss of the business that sustains their order, as well as with having no place to put the next year's crop of wine, the situation looked desperate, but an unusual rescue operation saved the day. A website whose name translates to Breda Makes Me Happy, helped them publicize their products and sell them to customers across the Netherlands.

The site, based in Breda, in North Brabant area of the Netherlands, an agricultural area, has turned its efforts during the corona crisis to matching unsold or unwanted produce with people and groups that can use it. In addition to the nuns' wine, they've managed to move, they say, 

  • 170,000 gladiolus
  • 280 kg asparagus
  • 38 olive trees
  • 4,200 sunflowers
  • 3,400 plums
  • 510 tulips
  • 3,400 peonies
  • 900 beers

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