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Where in the World is TravelGumbo #381


After celebrating the last day in Berlin with some wurst and beer while the Oompah Band played on, Gumbo heads off to a mysterious place for a little greenery and solitude.  Name the location before Sunday midnight.

Our first clue is a peaceful and pleasant scene. There is a lot more to see and new clues will be posted daily to share some aspects of our destination with you.  The reveal to be published on Monday. Keep checking in, observing, suggesting, reading and commenting along with your fellow readers. 


  1. Share your observations by posting them below as comments.
  2. When you know where Gumbo is, email your answer to   We acknowledge everyone who correctly answers the puzzle when the reveal is posted on Monday in the order the answers are received.
  3. To leave a comment you need to be a member, but that's free and easy.  Just click HERE.

So, where is Gumbo visiting this week?  Please be as specific as possible.  Good luck.

George G

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