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Where in the World is Gumbo? # 8.8

WITW 8.8

Kudos to WorkerBee for doing the hard work of figuring out WITW 8.5, and for sharing his clear logic with us in his comment.  Gumbo is finding it harder and harder to stay ahead of the travel sleuths in our membership, but may have found a place to hide out for awhile.


The rules are as outlined before.  Leave a comment if you know where Gumbo is.  There maybe an additional clue on Sunday or Monday if needed.   Results will be posted on Tuesday.


So where is Gumbo visiting today?


Puzzle Solution HERE.


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  • WITW 8.8

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"We do not take a trip, a trip takes us".  John Steinbeck, from Travels with Charlie

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Or California.  The plants in the foreground are interesting too.  The tall shrubs/short trees are similar to joshua trees, a desert plant, while the white flowers are, I believe, hydrangeas, which do best in a moist climate.  Altogether, with the conservatory, I'm reminded of England, maybe Cornwall, which is referred to as having a sub-tropical climate.  Which, of course, means it could indeed be Australia.

I'm wondering if they're downspouts.  Three of the five continue above the roof, maybe vents of some kind.  And 1 of the 2 remaining appears not to go all the way to the roof.  But not sure this diversion will solve the problem of where the possibly-non-downspouts are located.  Onward fans.

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