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Where Gumbo Was, #8: Oslo, Norway

1-aP1020388This jaunty houseboat, moored just off Aker Brygge, Oslo's old port area, probably started life as a small fishing vessel. Even painted Pepto-Bismol pink, it's just one of many unusual watercraft you'll see on a short ferry ride across the harbor. On the one hand, giant cruise ships; on the other exotic craft ranging from mid-size to tiny--and even to sculptural.


Congrats to all the puzzlers, and especially to GarryRF (full ID), WorkerBee (city) and Port Moresby (country).


Enjoy the slideshow below!



Images (7)
  • Oslo houseboat
  • Rowing hard, going nowhere
  • forest of masts, Royal Yacht Club
  • Ferry arriving
  • In the harbor
  • On his own
  • Aker Brygge and City Hall

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