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Where in the World is Gumbo? #15

WITW Feb-05-2013


Today Gumbo decided to look at a nice sunset.  Gaining a high vantage point, Gumbo took this photo called "Sailing into the Sunset".  I tried to disagree with Gumbo, pointing out there's no sails out there anywhere, but Gumbo held firm with this title.


I'll provide more clues late Thursday if it looks like people are having difficulty solving this puzzle.  In the meantime, feel free to toss ideas back and's fun watching the gang at work.  But: please resist posting the answer (if you think you have it solved) until Friday evening to give others a chance to see and guess a little longer.


If you've figured it out you can e-mail your guesses to, where they will be locked in the Gumbo Vault for a few days, when they'll be posted.  A second puzzle will be posted Saturday or Sunday unless this one remains unsolved.  


Remember: To post an answer here, you must be a TravelGumbo member--but it's free and easy to join...just click HERE.


So exactly where is Gumbo today?


(Note:  The solution to this puzzle is posted here).


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Originally Posted by WorkerBee:

I agree with Dan Carter that it looks like a ferry in the picture, but I don't see Maine out there. I believe I see two countries.

Also, it seems to me that Gumbo may have climbed to the top of a mountain and continued to climb for a better view.

I can see now that I was mistaken about what Gumbo saw. Only one country. What is beyond the islands is a peninsula. And Gumbo climbed nothing except a few steps to enter an elevator.

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