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Where in the World is Gumbo? (11/20/13)

Where in the World is Gumbo 11-20-13 

It's time for TravelGumbo's weekly photo puzzle! Last week's winner, Port Moresby, got the answer so quickly, we've made this week's a bit harder.


Submit your answer as a comment to this blog as soon as you can: There's no prize but the glory of being first with the right answer.


And next Tuesday, we'll post the answer, with more info and travel tips on how to enjoy a trip to...well, to this place!


image by vvitaly/Wikimedia Commons




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  • Where in the World is Gumbo 11-20-13

The best part of every trip is realizing that it has upset your expectations

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Originally Posted by Mrs. Briggs:

The plot thickens.


No more clues.


See you Tuesday morning!

Mrs. Briggs! That was harsh. Do you have a guess and want to keep others in the dark?


All right, fans: one more clue tomorrow morning, and I hope we'll hear from some new fans by then.


A summary of Amazon from on the new Martin Cruz Smith Novel, TATIANA (see latest clues(.


"Arkady Renko, one of the iconic inves­tigators of contemporary fiction, has survived the cultural journey from the Soviet Union to the New Russia..... The trail leads to Kaliningrad, a Cold War “secret city”......" 


TravelandNature, I believe we may have an answer!

Remember: it is necessary to identify both the location and the object (in this case the building).


In view of the pack of wolves rapidly closing in on the sleigh carrying Little Liza across the vast steppes, it no longer seems necessary to post a Sunday hint.



Originally Posted by PortMoresby:

DrF. must say the name.

While I"m never too busy to look up a clue that might involve one of my favorite authors, I'm too lazy to look up the precise place.  One of the rest of you wolves figure out the final piece of the puzzle, post it, and sink your muzzle into this thread.  

Well, that'll teach me to believe the first thing I see.  Duped by a pretty picture.  I should have looked further when the caption read it was a 20th C. church.  Now I know what Kreuzkirche really looks like (do I


Indeed, also called Cathedral of Immanuel Kant (himself being a permanent resident), begun c.1333.

BTW, in my rambles around the web I saw the city referred to as the world's ugliest.  I don't think I'd like to be given the job of confirming that fact (how many ugly places would one need to visit) but have you actually been there PHeymont?  Or rather nipped it from the pages of that new mystery in the safety of your home?

It's been a great game, Gumbo fans, and you've now pinned it to the wall.

Tuesday morning's post will confirm your correct answer, with more details.


It was fun playing with the group. In answer to the question: I've only been to Kaliningrad twice, both times on paper. Most recently, I was reading Tatiana, and was struck by Smith's comments on the rebuilding of churches, partly as vanity projects of the new capitalist class. When I came to the chapter in which Renko is attacked at the cathedral, his description piqued my interest enough to search for a picture. When I saw how little it looked like what it is, I knew I had a Gumbo puzzle!


My other "trip" was really to Koenigsberg, its old name as capital of East Prussia, through a military history reading on the 1945 Battle of Koenigsberg. The Red Army moved forward on that front in January 1945, but the city and its garrison held out until April, which worked well for Stalin's plan. The offensive in that area was intended to occupy large numbers of German troops, keeping them out of the way of the Red Army's drive on Berlin. Martin Cruz Smith's narrative and description of the city 60 years later was therefore doubly fascinating!


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