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View From The Chair Photography


Hi everyone!  I'm a landscape and street photographer from Newcastle Upon Tyne in the UK.  

I came to photography really late in life after an unfortunate set of circumstances.  At the age of 31 I went from being a very fit cyclist, doing 300 miles a week, to being in a wheelchair overnight.  After a long training session I suffered a major stroke in my sleep.   

Dean Street 3

This led to a long period of depression, culminating in me trying to take my own life -- fortunately my good wife was on hand to save the day, and me.  From this episode I was sent to see a cognitive therapist, who as it happened had a photographic exhibition in his foyer.  I thought to myself I would like to try this photography, it might do me some good. 

It was then that I bought my compact mirror-less camera, and I haven’t looked back since.   I travel around the North East of England in my wheelchair, using public transport, and photographing landscape and street shots. To say this has changed my life is an understatement. I wake every morning with a new found zest for living.  I have met and made friends with some fantastic people since I started two years ago.

The Tyne 4

Whereas I used to see the wheelchair as a hindrance , I now see it as an integral part of what I do.  I look forward to sharing my adventures with you on TravelGumbo!

The Tyne 44


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GarryRF posted:

You certainly have a good eye for what makes a photo exceptional.

I look forward to seeing more of your talent on these pages.

Thank you very much appriciated

PHeymont posted:

Welcome aboard! An unusual story, and some very unusual and beautiful photographs.

Thank you much appreciated

DrFumblefinger posted:

Brilliant photos, VFTC!  Welcome to TravelGumbo.  We look forward to seeing and hearing more from in the coming weeks and months!

Thanks looking forward to being part of this

Travel Rob posted:

Great photos! Welcome to TG! Can't wait to see more!

Thanks much appreciated

Travel Luver posted:

Amazing photography!  Love the top picture especially.  Look forward to seeing more.

Thanks much appreciated

TravelingCanuck posted:

It is always a pleasure to see things from the perspective of others. You have captured that brilliantly for all of us to enjoy. Welcome to TG.

Thank you very much appreciated

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