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Vasco Da Gama Mall, Lisbon


The Vasco Da Gama shopping mall is located in the Parque das Nacoes neighborhood of Lisbon (the region built for the 1998 World Exposition).  The area is modern, with interesting architecture, as you can see:

02 Vasco da Gama Mall

The mall was close to our hotel and had the expected assortment of shops.  As a rule I don't like shopping in malls, although this one was pleasant to walk around in.

03 Vasco da Gama Mall

What I most enjoyed about the Vasco da Gama Mall was its food court, probably the best food court I've ever encountered.  There was a broad array of food available, very little of it "fast food" chain type.  Mostly they were restaurants that prepared your food to order and every one of the several meals we had there was excellent.

(Sushi platter)

P4183678(Grilled calamari platter)


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