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Varied and Tasty: London's Borough Market


Imagine a large food market, scattered through several buildings thrown together higgledy-piggledy over the years, pressed up against a historic cathedral and with a busy rail line running overhead. If it sounds on the edge of chaos, it might just be London's Borough Market.


Borough Market is one of London's oldest, though just how old is a matter of speculation. It's back-to-back on one side with Southwark Cathedral, on top of and under parts of London Bridge Station, includes pieces of the former Covent Garden Market's facade and operates on two shifts: wholesale from 2 am to 8 am every day, and retail the rest of the day, Wednesday through Saturday.

And if there's anything you'd want to eat or take away to cook, you'll find it here, including both British and international specialties, and a bakery that also runs a baking school on premises. That's where the jelly donuts below came from, and one of the highlights of our stay was taking a class to learn to make them.


As for the age of the market: there are a lot of gaps and pops in the record, but the best bet is that it wasn't new in the 11th century, when a market in the area is first mentioned. The original market, mentioned in official documents in 1276, was directly on the river at the end of London Bridge.

1100775A quiet alcove away from the bustle

It was moved a few blocks away, and by 1754 was causing so much congestion that an act of Parliament closed it, but allowed local parishioners to start over on a new site, where it stands today, near the river that was once its main supply route.


It underwent tremendous change in the middle of the 19th century, when the railroad stations were built and the market gained enclosed space under and around. In the 1930s it got an Art Deco facade on one side, and in 2004, the South Portico of Covent Garden's flower market was added when its original building was demolished.

But enough history. Just take a walk among the stalls and enjoy the food.


Plenty of prepared foods, as well as raw ingredients...and lots of bread, too.


Traditional pies and sausages...the Melton Mowbray pies are my favorite.


International tastes are catered for, too...


And there are places for those interested in farm-to-fork and sustainable food supplies...


Fruits and vegetables of all sorts are available, along with a wistful thought...


Of course, dairy has its day, including a bigger than usual assortment of goat and sheep products...

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and for those with a sweet tooth, well that's there, too!~



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