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Unusual Name and a Giant Hotdog


My husband and I recently returned from a week in Michigan and spent some time in Mackinaw City. While driving around and checking out this cute little city we found a hotdog stand with a very unusual name and a large hotdog on the roof. Sadly it has an unfortunate and unusual name: Weinerlicious. We saw this place several times and actually did grab a hotdog and some fries once while there. I have to say they were pretty good despite the name, lol. We have a way of finding hotdog stands with unique names or signs I guess.

Weinerlicious2Anyway, they offer five different hot dog varieties, Chicago, Mackinaw (a bacon-wrapped dog with cheese), and a combination Detroit and Flint Coney Dog. They also serve brats and Italian dogs.  You will also find waffle fries and soft drinks on the menu. It was a good hotdog, even though it had a weird name and a huge hotdog on the roof.


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