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Ultra budget, NewLeaf Travel, offering bargain Canadian airfares


NewLeaf Travel is offering ultra budget airfares in Canada  for  routes  starting Feb.12. Flights are through their partner, Flair Airlines, on Boeing 737-400 jets. As with other ultra budget airlines, services like checked bags ,priority boarding ,seat selection, beverages, and printing tickets at the counter cost extra.

Here is a list of some introductory routes and prices:

Kelowna- Saskatoon       $89 CAD

Kelowna- Regina            $89 CAD

Abbotsford - Saskatoon $99 CAD

Hamilton-  Regina           $119 CAD

Hamilton- Kelowna         $149 CAD

For the rest, see :


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  • NewLeaf Travel: NewLeaf Travel

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I can remember this story so many times from the past 50 years - here in the UK.

A new air service provider comes along with hopes of knocking the stuffing out of the "Big Boys".

Then, always at the last minute - the most costly time - somebody throws a spanner in the works. Hoping to break the back - or bank - of the new kid on the block..

Dirty tricks again. And it wont be the last.

And you never find out who started the fight.


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