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UK Citizens now eligible for U.S. Global Entry

Officials look on as traveler uses Global Entry kiosk, away from the lines.


Global Entry, the U.S. "trusted traveler network" that is designed to speed entry into the U.S. for registered members, is now being opened to U.K. citizens. The expedited entry works at 46 U.S. airports and at 13 pre-clearance sites overseas.


Global Entry members use automated kiosks on arrival and skip the usual lines for immigration check. Also, Global Entry members are eligible to use the TSA's PreCheck lines at airport security; on those lines shoes and light jackets and belts do not need to be removed, laptops can stay in bags, etc.


U.K. citizens applying will have a two-step process, starting with an application through the U.K. Home Office and pay a £42 processing fee. If approved by the Home Office, the applicant gets a "UK Access Code" to enter when applying to the US Customs and Border Protection online application system. That application carries a $100 fee for a 5-year term, and includes an interview.


The program so far has enrolled about 2.5 million travelers. In addition to U.S. citizens, it has also been accessible to Canadian, Mexican, Dutch and South Korean citizens through equivalent programs. U.S. citizens who travel to the UK at least four times a year will be eligible to apply for the U.K.'s Registered Traveller program.

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