Uber To Earmark 1 Billion Dollars for India Over Next 9 Months

Uber , the ride hailing company, business growth rate is at 40% every month in India. It's the second largest market for them after the US. They hope this investment of one billion dollars will lead to over one million trips a day.


There has been problems in India for Uber  with passenger safety concerns and payments  they couldn't accept. Uber hopes those problems are behind them now in India with implementation of a panic button for passengers in emergencies to call local police and being able to accept more payment options, like cash.

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I find myself a bit uncomfortable around Uber and its well-oiled connections in the press, which often seems to regard it as the best thing since sliced bread (and what's so good about that, by the way?).


All over Europe, Uber has been in trouble for evading rules, taxes and court rulings; in New York, it operates without paying the taxes other operators must, and with insufficient insurance in some cases—and they have a nasty habit of raising its rates whenever demand is high (double or triple during heavy rain or transit disruptions).


And they do not even, in many cases, keep their financial promises to drivers. I can't applaud their hopes for India and China.

The best part of every trip is realizing that it has upset your expectations

I think some of the reasons Uber has been so successful is users know what they are going to pay in advance and don't have to worry about getting an over charged from a taxi driver, which happens. Also, the passenger can see what time they will be picked up . Whether Uber can continue as successful as regulations catch up with the their industry, I don't know.



If you want a thing done, ask a busy man.