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Travel Bucket List Goals Biggest Motivator for Baby Boomer Travel

According to the 2015  AARP Top Trends for 50+ Travelers survey ,the biggest motivator for International travel for baby boomers 50+ will be marking off their travel bucket list goals.


 Some interesting results in this survey also include that baby boomers will be very  active travelers in 2015 and plan  take on taking on  average of four to five trips.


Read more about the  survey results:


If you want a thing done, ask a busy man.

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Never had a "Bucket List"

I'm always intrigued when some one makes a find - that's not on everyone's list.

I've recently heard that cruising the Baltic Sea is amazing.

There's places to avoid and then there's  "Must see's" in China.

My travel list is constantly changing.




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