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The Old Stone Mill - Where Gumbo Was #124


Congratulations to Historydigger for correctly guessing that Gumbo was visiting The Old Stone Mill at the New Your Botanical Garden in The Bronx, New York.


Built in 1840 The Old Stone Mill at the NY Botanical Gardens is one of the oldest buildings in New york City. Originally built as a snuff mill along the Bronx River, today it serves as a wonderful catering hall.






What brought us to the The Botanical Gardens was a Sunday brunch in connection with an exhibition of work by Frida Kahlo.



The exhibit includes 15 paintings and drawings along with a recreation of the garden from Casa Azul, her home with Diego Rivera.








Tune in tomorrow to Where Gumbo goes to next.


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Just to add a little more...the mill, also known as the Snuff Mill, is the oldest industrial building in New York City...but most of the others in the 20 oldest list predate it by 150 to 200 years. Most are houses in Brooklyn and Queens (one is still a private house after 350 years!) but one is in the Bronx: the 1748 Van Cortlandt Mansion--where George Washington really did sleep. 


For a link to the fascinating list, click HERE

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